Stockland Spaces

Case Study

‘Renew Australia’ is a national social enterprise designed to catalyse community renewal, economic development, the arts and creative industries across Australia by working with communities and property owners to take empty shops, offices, commercial and public buildings and make them available to incubate short term use by artists, creative projects and community initiatives.
In 2012, Stockland and Renew Australia teamed up to create Stockland Spaces, a pilot initiative to incubate new artistic and creative projects in Stockland owned buildings in Victoria and NSW. In this pilot program, Stockland Spaces used three of their developments at Point Cook Town Centre, Stockland Nowra and Vincentia Shopping Village to test out this initiative.
In one case a local artist used the space as a gallery and exhibition area whilst also offering workshops and classes, effectively creating a unique community art space. By inviting people to share their memories and impressions of the local area and then artistically interpreting and displaying them in the centre and the gallery space, the artist is also able to create connections and a sense of belonging within the community.
Marcus Westbury, Director of Renew Australia was pleased to be able to partner with Stockland and believes “these projects are a win–win for the creative participants, Stockland and shoppers”.


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